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3CX awarded 2023 "Best Technology Partner"

This year’s VoipVoice 2023 convention, "Nati per Comunicare" welcomed partners from all over Italy in  the Teatro della Pergola in Florence - a fitting choice due to its historical significance. This is in fact where Antonio Meucci installed the first acoustic "telephone" ever invented - right here in this theater! No better place for talking about the future of digital telecommunications!

VoipVoice Convention 2023

3CX awards

It used to be Pink Floyd singing "Another brick in the wall", today it's us. 3CX had the honor of being awarded "Best Technology Partner" by VoipVoice. This marks another addition to our impressive string of awards received in the past years, as well as the awards 3CX will undoubtedly receive in the future - it really is the case to sing "Another PRIZE in the wall”.

3cx award

We would like to take this opportunity to thank VoipVoice for this important award. This will further incentivize us to continue ensuring that 3CX remains a top market leader in the industry.