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Manually Enable / Disable Night Mode

How To Guides

Force 3CX IN or OUT of Office – Emergency Code This dial code (which is unspecified by default for security purposes) is a code that when used, will set the entire PBX to either: In office hours Out of Office hours Back to auto switching based on tim...

Web Client User Guide

Quick Start Guides

Your One Stop for All Communications – The 3CX Web Client The 3CX Web Client is easy to use and combines all the features you need to efficiently communicate, collaborate and connect with colleagues, partners and customers, straight from your browser.  The W...

3CX Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guides

Using your 3CX Desk Phone To make a call: Dial the number on the keypad and hit the send button. OR select a contact or extension from your Web Client or a number from a web page, hit call. The Web Client triggers the call on your desk phone if selected ...

3CX Chat User Guide

Quick Start Guides

Manage Customer Queries from Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS/MMS The 3CX chat feature doesn’t only allow employees to chat and share files with each other, it also enables customer service agents to easily respond to queries sent via live chat, WhatsApp...

How to send a fax from email


One of the main features of eFax is the ability to send and receive faxes right from your email. Below you will find instructions on how to do this. Note: This feature will only work from an email address associated with an active account in our system. If yo...

Fax Management System – Simple User Guide


We’ve created this simple guide for you to provide to all of your users that will go over the initial basics, like how to view your fax number, how to send a fax, and how to navigate to your fax history. Accessing the ServiceLog into the service: https:...

3CX WebMeeting / Video Conferencing

How To Guides

3CX WebMeeting is a powerful tool that allows for effective, face to face communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers no matter where they are. WebMeeting is fully integrated into your web client, so you can create and access meetings, collab...

Using your Desk Phone with 3CX

How To Guides

For the many people, there’s nothing like the feel and functionality of a physical phone. That’s why 3CX supports a number of IP Phone models. Below is a list of guides that will help you setup a conference, transfer a call, check your voicemail and make a c...

Creating an Audio or Video Conference

How To Guides

3CX’s video conferencing solution allows for effective, face to face communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers. With 3CX, your invitees can seamlessly join meetings from their browser with absolutely no login, sign up or installations. All ...

What is an online whiteboard?

How To Guides

A progression from the traditional blackboard, whiteboards are a common tool in all classrooms and many a conference room. While on-site meetings and classrooms do just fine with the old-style dry wipe physical whiteboard, virtual whiteboards are becoming incr...

Video Conferencing for Advanced Users

How To Guides

3CX includes some truly collaborative features in the 3CX Meet function. Our advanced web conferencing features are ideal for webinars, online presentations, screen-sharing and more. This guide will take you through 3CX’s advanced web conferencing features and...

The 3CX Android App: Work Remotely

How To Guides

The 3CX smartphone app for Android allows you to seamlessly take your office communications with you wherever you go. Access the company phonebook, make calls, answer incoming customer messages and more from the palm of your hand. There’s no need to use your p...

The 3CX iOS (APPLE) App: Work Remotely

How To Guides

Your office anywhere Whether you choose to work remotely from home, by the pool or at your neighborhood cafe; the 3CX iOS app lets you take your office extension along for the ride! Apart from call and contact management, you can also chat with colleagues and...

Auto Attendant / IVR / Office Hours - Call Routing

How To Guides

You probably don't want calls to ring your mobile in the middle of the night. Thank God for the office hours function then. Here you can configure when your business is open and when you are on break and then route your calls differently when your office is cl...

Call Queues & Ring Groups

How To Guides

3CX allows you to create call queues or ring groups to handle incoming calls as a team: “Ring Groups” route calls concurrently to multiple phones via virtual extensions. “Call Queues” allow calls to be queued so that agents can take calls when they are...

Firewall & Router Configuration for 3CX - On-Premise Server

How To Guides

If you have 3CX installed on-premise you need to make changes to your firewall configuration to allow 3CX to communicate successfully with your SIP trunks and apps. This guide gives you a general overview of the ports that need to be opened/statically forwarde...

PBX Dial Codes - How to use them directly from your phone

How To Guides

Dial codes are key/number combinations used to access functions within the phone system directly from your phone. The administrator can change these from the Management Console > “Settings” > “System” > Dial codes”. This section will describe the default dial-...

PBX Dial Codes
Dial Codes
3cx dial codes

Hot Desking

How To Guides

Hot Desking allows local or remote (via SBC) connected IP Phones to be used by multiple users, one at a time. A device currently not used by a user can’t make outbound calls, unless the number is defined as an “Emergency Number”. This way the extension is also...

Managing User / Agents’ Status in Queues

How To Guides

Call queues are used to better service incoming calls. Queue members are referred to as agents. Queues distribute incoming calls to agents according to the queue the caller has dialed into, which agents are available and if you have any forwarding rules. A sin...


How To Guides

Part 1: Agent Performance Reports Performance reports are used to monitor agent productivity whilst at work. They can help identify high achievers or those that might be taking it a bit too easy! User Activity Graph The “User Activity Graph” shows the progr...

call reports
agent reports
quality of service reports